Mini digger hire and excavation services for farms

Our mini diggers are designed to operate on farms where larger excavation equipment won't with less disruption and less mess. We service Katikati and anywhere in Tauranga, as well as Te Puke and the Bay of Plenty region.

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Farmers always have loads of work to do outside, and our mini diggers are the perfect solution for many of those tasks.

Tiny Earth Machines is a mini digger service for farmers. Mini diggers can be used to complete various tasks such as digging, trenching and planting trees.

There are many benefits to using a mini digger service that help farmers like reducing physical strain on farmworkers, reduced damage to the land and greater productivity when compared with doing things manually.

Tiny Earth Machines are there to help with any excavation work around the farm, being smaller means less damage to the area that they are working in than traditional full-size earth-moving equipment.

Give us a call on 0800 150 801 or send us an email to to find out how we can help.

Our mini diggers and excavation services will make life easier on your Bay of Plenty farm.

We assist the industry whether its a greenfields conversion or if you are wanting to improve an existing block. We have the best earthmoving and excavation solutions for you and ensure minimum damage and disruption.

Post Hole Boring

Whether you need new holes for erecting shelter or you are adding more support structures we have you covered with our mini diggers.


Putting in new irrigation systems or or frost protection then we can trench your orchard completely with the smallest of disruption.

Plant Hole Boring

We take the hard work out of the process and create the minimum of noise and disruption to the surrounding areas.